Museum Announcements

Scientist-Vetted Teacher Resources from the National Academies

Did you know the National Academies has an amazing collection of ready-to-use resources for the classroom? Challenge your students to interact with issues like climate change, evolution, energy, conservation and more. Videos, booklets, and interactive experiences bring the latest research into your classroom—and it’s all vetted by our expert scientists. Explore Resources for Teachers at the National Academies.

Back to School: What the Science of Learning Can Tell Us about Education

What does research reveal about how people learn and which educational methods and policies are most effective? Expert committees from the National Academies have examined and synthesized the evidence on a broad range of educational topics to provide valuable input into often-controversial debates about educational methods and policy.
The newly-released Next Generation Science Standards: For States, By States (2013) identifies the science all K-12 students should know.

Life Lab

How can the choices you make every day affect your health? Our interactive Life Lab exhibit challenges you to find out how small changes can make a big difference at every age.