In keeping with its mission to communicate the nature, values, and judgments of science to the public, the National Academy of Sciences has launched LabX, a public engagement initiative that will promote evidence-based decision making on issues that have significant relevance to communities and in which science is an important factor. 

The program engages audiences through a combination of online platforms and face-to-face group activities at venues in Washington, D.C.—including the Academy's historic building on the National Mall—and at other locations around the country.

LabX programming kicked off with an  immersive event on March 7, organized in conjunction with Museum Hack and the Cultural Programs of the National Academy of Sciences.

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If you wish to support this public engagement initiative, you can donate online here. Check the box next to LabX formerly Koshland Science Museum.

LabX evolved from the Marian Koshland Science Museum and continues the mission of “helping people use science to solve problems.” You can still experience the museum’s exhibits virtually on this website