Book a Free Field Trip

Book a field trip for your students! The Koshland Science Museum offers free educator-led field trips for 5th-12th grade classes from the Washington, D.C., metro area.

The museum invites students and teachers to interact with today’s issues in a thought-provoking setting. Rather than looking at artifacts and static exhibits, students explore current science that is timely, relevant, and has the potential to shape national policy. Field trips last approximately two hours and provide an in-depth opportunity for students to think critically about how science can solve real-world problems.  

Classes can focus on either the Earth Lab or the Life Lab during their visit. In the Earth Lab, students explore our changing climate and see how scientists investigate the causes and effects of climate change. Students work together to assess priorities and balance the tradeoffs while lowering carbon dioxide emissions. In the Life Lab, students explore the science of memory and learning, find out why we age, and see how the brain changes over time. They also get behind the wheel of our driving simulator to experience first-hand the effects of distracted driving. Both exhibits meet Next Generation Science Standards for middle school and high school students.

Field trips are offered on a first-come, first-served basis. Complete the Group Visit Request Form to book a field trip for your students. Please review our field trip guides and worksheets and Rules of the Road prior to your visit.