Explore Our Interactive Tool to Reduce CO2 Emissions

What can we do to limit the magnitude of climate change? How would you reduce the nation's greenhouse gas emissions? Our new interactive tool lets you decide!

In this scenario, advise the nation on how to confront climate change by proposing mitigation strategies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Your goal is to reduce cumulative U.S. greenhouse emissions to 203 gigatons or less by the year 2050.

Before making recommendations, choose what is important to you. Do you value cost-savings, land preservation, oil independence, air quality, or a combination? Set your priorities and then assemble a portfolio to help meet your goals. Choose from renewable energy, carbon capture, land use, and other options to safeguard your priorities and achieve target emission levels. Once you reach the goal, visualize your portfolio to see the global impact of your choices. Download the latest reports and explore additional resources from the Climate Change at the National Academies site to learn about the impacts of climate change.