Extreme Event on the Road: Asia Pacific Disaster Resilience Centre

Koshland staff provided a brief overview of Extreme Event before the game began

As we mentioned last week, Extreme Event was on the road to Seoul, South Korea at the Asia Pacific Disaster Resilience Centre's (APDRC) first Interactive Innovation Workshop - part of the organization’s new Resilience Innovation Initiative. Koshland staff provided the participants with a brief background and overview of the game, including how many aspects of Extreme Event ties directly into their new initiative. 

Interactive Innovation Workshop attendees from all over the Asia Pacific Region worked together to decide which resources to invest in in Rock City

36 players from more than 10 countries, including Mongolia, Bangladesh, the Philippines, and India, experienced Extreme Event: Rock City and participated in a post-game feedback session. Players were very enthusiastic about the game and its potential to be used in their own communities. 

Players receive emergency aid to Rock City during one of the Respond Phase challenges and must work together to select resources that were discarded in the beginning of the game

APDRC’s next steps include translating the Extreme Event game materials into Korean for further pilot testing, gathering additional feedback, and working with Koshland staff to create a version that would be easily adapted for use in a variety of their partner countries..

Watch great video from the event here and here!

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