Extreme Event on the Road: California Campus Spreads Resilience

In this Extreme Event on the Road feature, we’re highlighting another organization that has been using Extreme Event to help spread the message about disaster resilience.

California State University, Northridge (CSUN) is one of the nation’s largest single-campus public universities with an annual student population of over 40,000. In 2015, CSUN’s emergency preparedness program began exploring ways to expand preparedness outreach to their students. After discovering Extreme Event, they thought it would be a perfect fit for teaching students about natural hazards and community resilience through an interactive approach. Emergency Preparedness Manager Jenny Novak facilitated Extreme Event: Coastal City to a group of approximately 100 Resident Advisors as a fun component of their annual emergency training. Although the group was quite large, everyone had a great time and students were glad for the opportunity to engage with the material. Additionally, Ms. Novak has facilitated the game for the Masters of Public Health Student Association and with the Nursing Department’s Community Health course.

When asked why she thinks Extreme Event works so well with CSUN students, Ms. Novak said, “We like the Extreme Event exercise because it really walks audiences of all levels through the disaster cycle, shows the importance of relationships, and gives us an inside look at disaster psychology as some groups will willingly share resources while others tend to hoard them!” So far, CSUN has received very positive feedback from all participating students and are planning to conduct Extreme Event: Rock City with Geology and Geography classes later this semester.


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