Extreme Event on the Road: Capital City Public Charter School Students Become Masters of Disaster

In February 2017, Extreme Event was on the road to Capital City Public Charter School (CCPC) in Washington, DC. At CCPC, students experience two “expeditions” per year. Each expedition involves a semester-long experience in which students undergo an investigation about a broad topic through a variety of lenses. When teachers Amanda Carella and Samantha Clark contacted the Koshland, their 6th grade students had just begun their math/science expedition titled Humans: Masters of Disaster? which centered around myths and misconceptions about natural disasters, and how humans are impacted (and to some degree impact) natural disasters and their effects.  Ms. Carella and Ms. Clark, looking to run a disaster/relief simulation, came across the Koshland’s Extreme Event online resources and were excited to bring the game to their students.

Koshland staff facilitated two successful games of Extreme Event: Coastal City and Ms. Carella is happy to report that, “Our students continue to talk about the experience, and seem very motivated to begin discussing ways in which they can improve their resilience and score in the event of a natural disaster like a hurricane!” 

Watch this great video from the event.

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