Extreme Event on the Road: City of Nashua Office of Emergency Management

Nashua local VOAD partners make decisions about which resources to invest in during the Prepare Phase of Extreme Event: River City

On October 10, 2017 the City of Nashua, NH Office of Emergency Management (OEM) facilitated their own game of Extreme Event: River City! Justin Kates, Director of Emergency Management and Chelsea St. George, Nashua Department of Public Health lead the event as a component of their quarterly meeting with local VOAD (Volunteer Organizations Active in Disaster) partners. VOAD is an association of organizations that mitigate and alleviate the impact of disasters, provide a forum promoting cooperation, communication, coordination and collaboration; and foster more effective delivery of services to communities affected by disaster. Nashua OEM selected the flood scenario because it was hurricane season and Nashua is historically susceptible to flooding. 

Players reflect on their experience and how communities might become more resilient during the Adapt Phase of Extreme Event: River City

When asked why they had chosen to play Extreme Event, Matthew Chigas from Nashua OEM said, “We used the game because we felt it is an intuitive way to engage different community groups in the concept of resiliency and what is required to become a more resilient community as a whole. The goals and lessons learned from Extreme Event fall right in line with the mission and goals of VOAD… [We] arrived at the conclusion that the focus on collaboration and resilience would be a good fit for what we are trying to accomplish in Nashua.”

Matthew reported that the game was received positively and that staff look forward to becoming more familiar with the flow of gameplay and fine tuning it to their audience as they continue to facilitate it in the future.

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