Extreme Event on the Road: DC Mayor’s Office on Volunteerism

Serve DC staff decide which resources to invest in during the Prepare Phase of Extreme Event: Coastal

In December 2017, Koshland staff facilitated Extreme Event for Serve DC - the DC Mayor’s Office on Volunteerism. Serve DC is the District of Columbia Government agency dedicated to promoting service as innovative and sustainable solutions to growing issues. Their mission is to seek to build stronger communities across the District by providing sustainable service projects, increasing citizen emergency response awareness and growing the economic base by addressing the city's most pressing challenges. Anthony Stevens, Serve DC’s Volunteer Engagement Director, reached out to the Koshland to facilitate the game for staff and volunteers during one of their training sessions. 

Players gather resources to solve their neighborhood’s challenge during the Respond Phase of Extreme Event: Coastal City

34 Serve DC staff, volunteers, and members of other District of Columbia offices played Extreme Event: Coastal City. Participants enjoyed the exercise and spoke about how it relates to the work they do during emergencies in DC. Staff from offices such as the DC Homeland Security and Emergency Management Agency and the DC Department of Health thought that Extreme Event would be great for their staff as well.

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