Extreme Event on the Road: Fairfax County Office of Emergency Management

Fairfax County OEM staff decide which resources to invest in during the Prepare Phase of Extreme Event: River City

In November 2017, Koshland staff facilitated Extreme Event for Fairfax County’s Office of Emergency Management (OEM). OEM leadership, as well as leadership from Fairfax County’s Community Resiliency Groups, gathered during one of their bi-weekly training sessions to play the game and learn more about how they might use Extreme Event in their community.  OEM is currently developing two new emergency plans for which they hope to use the game. The first is with the business community on a Business Emergency Operations Center Plan where businesses would come together to assist government during a disaster. The second is a Community Emergency Response Guide which helps communities work together before, during and after disasters to develop plans, assist others, and recover faster. 

Players gather resources to solve their neighborhood’s challenge during the Respond Phase of Extreme Event: River City

24 OEM staff and other partners played Extreme Event: River City and had a great conversation about how the game could be used at the community level. The Koshland plans to partner with Fairfax County OEM in their efforts to continue to bring Extreme Event to additional county staff and a larger audience of business and community partners in 2018. 

Players discuss what happened during the game and how they can use Extreme Event in their work during the Adapt Phase of Extreme Event: River City

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