Extreme Event on the Road: Future Presidents Learn about Resilience

Students make decisions about which resources to invest in during the Prepare Phase of Extreme Event: River City

In November 2017 Koshland staff facilitated Extreme Event: River City for three sections of the George Washington University’s (GWU) Physics for Future Presidents course. The course, described as “a serious but accessible presentation of topics important for leaders to know—energy, global climate, high-tech devices, space travel, nuclear weapons, etc.”, aims to give students with any level of scientific background the concepts and tools they need to make informed decisions and argue their views persuasively. Gerald Feldman, Associate Professor of Physics, and Heather Schell, Assistant Professor of Writing, co-teach the course for about 60 students total and thought the experience of Extreme Event would make for a fun and interactive laboratory period and a great start to their unit on climate change. 

Players trade resources after a flood strikes River City during the Respond Phase of Extreme Event

About 60 GWU students participated in Extreme Event: River City over the course of three laboratory periods. Players enjoyed taking on the roles of different members of a community and during the Adapt Phase debrief discussion spoke about how the game gave them a better sense of how different groups within a community can be important during a disaster.

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