Extreme Event on the Road: GW Sociology Students Tackle Moral and Ethical Decisions

GW students decide how to solve their neighborhood’s challenge after an earthquake strikes during the Respond Phase of Extreme Event: Rock City 

In November 2017, Koshland staff facilitated Extreme Event for the Program Planning and Evaluation class in the Human Services & Social Justice Program (HSSJ) in the George Washington University (GW) Department of Sociology. HSSJ is an undergraduate program that focuses on professional interpersonal relationships, an understanding of the scholarship of community-based work, sociological contextualization of the practice of Human Services, while placing emphasis on leadership and ethics in service and providing opportunities to develop and synthesize theory, research, and practice. Dr. Michelle Kelso, Assistant Professor of Sociology, experienced Extreme Event during Koshland’s facilitation for the GW Freshman Day of Service and thought the exercise would be great for her class. 

Representatives from each neighborhood work together to select resources during the Emergency Aid surprise challenge in Extreme Event: Rock City

23 students and a teaching assistant played Extreme Event: Rock City and had a great conversation about how the lessons learned during the game apply to what they do on campus. Dr. Kelso encouraged participants to think about ways of incorporating moral and ethnical decisions into group processes, as well as how to deepen strong communication skills and networking, which can positively affect group cohesion and resiliency not only in disasters but also in quotidian projects.

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