Extreme Event on the Road: Local Water Resource Recovery Facility Prepares for Hurricane Season

Members of the State & Local Government sector make decisions about resources during the Prepare Phase of Extreme Event: Coastal City

In June 2017, Extreme Event was on the road to Alexandria Renew Enterprises (AlexRenew) in Alexandria, VA. Created in 1952 as Alexandria Sanitation Authority to build, operate, and maintain a new sewage treatment system, AlexRewnew was renamed in 2012 to better reflect their new, broader vision to serve as a water resource recovery facility. Today, their award-winning facility serves 320,000 people in the City of Alexandria and part of Fairfax County by cleaning over 13 billion gallons of wastewater every year.

Residents of Oceanside pool their resources in an attempt to solve their neighborhood challenge caused by Coastal City’s hurricane

As part of their 2017 Safety Awareness Month competition and in preparation for upcoming interagency meetings, AlexRenew employees gathered to play Extreme Event: Coastal City. Staff used the game to better understand not only their role during the event of an emergency, but how they could better communicate with other sectors in their community. AlexRenew CEO Karen Pallansch plans to bring Extreme Event to other leaders within the City of Alexandria to help spread the message of community resilience.

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