Join Us Presidents' Day Weekend

What better way to spend Presidents’ Day weekend than engaging in hands-on science activities, interactive exhibits, and mind-bending games? The museum is open February 15-17 for Presidents’ Weekend with activities that are fun for the family.
Participate in hands-on science activities to see how small changes can have a significant impact:

  • How many items can you remember in a short period of time? Test your memory and get tips to improve your ability to recall various objects.
  • Have you made the switch to LED light bulbs? Compare the energy efficiency of traditional, LED, and other types of light bulbs.
  • What is the relationship between architecture and earthquakes? Learn why some buildings are more prone than others to sustaining damage during disasters.

Explore our changing climate in the Earth Lab. See how scientists investigate climate change and delve into its causes and effects. Then “play policymaker” to consider the energy-sector tradeoffs required to meet CO2 emissions goals.
Explore the science of learning and memory and see how the brain changes over time in the Life Lab. Get behind the wheel of a driving simulator to experience first-hand the effects of distracted driving. Assess your tolerance for risk in scenarios where you must weigh known outcomes against the unknown.
Test your logic skills and ability to think outside the box with a variety of interactive games and puzzles.
This holiday weekend, the only missing piece of the puzzle at the museum is you!