At the Crossroads of Science and Foreign Policy: Future Forecasting

At the Crossroads of Science and Foreign Policy: Future Forecasting
Event Date: 
Thursday, August 22, 2013 - 6:30pm to 8:30pm

525 E St., NW, Washington, DC
Join members of the scientific and foreign policy communities for a lively discussion of the practice and impacts of future forecasting. A panel discussion and breakout group conversations moderated by Jonathan Peck, President and Senior Futurist at the Institute for Alternative Futures, will consider how significant new developments are anticipated, understood, and answered by these communities.

Science and technology (S&T) communities devote considerable energy to forecasting the next discovery or invention that has the potential to disrupt existing paradigms. In the foreign policy community, horizon scanning anticipates challenges that will arise for global diplomacy and identifies the relationships that will define future events. The practice of future forecasting provides a framework for researchers and policymakers to anticipate the societal, ethical, and economic implications of emerging trends.

Future Forecasting, the first event in the new series At the Crossroads of Science and Foreign Policy, seeks to understand how emerging trends involving S&T are formulated in the scientific and foreign policy communities, and to identify how dialogue between these communities may inform policy-making related to emerging areas of S&T that have global implications.

Questions that will be addressed include:

  • Do the scientific and foreign policy communities differ in how they anticipate future events?
  • What tools or mechanisms do the science and foreign policy communities use to examine emerging, and potentially disruptive, trends?
  • How can the unique perspectives of the science and foreign policy communities inform policy responses to emerging issues with global impact, such as cybersecurity and advanced manufacturing?

At the Crossroads of Science and Foreign Policy is a new program series co-sponsored by the AAAS Science and Technology Policy Fellowships, Young Professionals in Foreign Policy, and the Koshland Science Museum of the National Academy of Sciences. Monthly events throughout fall 2013 will provide a forum for active discussion of emerging topics at the intersection of science and foreign policy.

Moderator Biosketch

Jonathan Peck provides a wide range of research, consulting, speaking, meeting design and facilitation services.  A certified Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) practitioner, Mr. Peck has integrated psychological patterns and insights into his facilitation of vision, mission, and strategic processes for corporations, organizations and government agencies.  He led IAF’s 2019: Health Care That Works for All project, which has sketched out a visionary outcome of ten years of U.S. healthcare reform.   His work on the future of health spans scientific, economic, political and social changes that can be addressed with an understanding of complex systems dynamics. Mr. Peck has co-authored two books and written numerous articles which have been published in Business and Health, Pharmaceutical Executive, Food & Drug Law Review, Clinical Cancer Research, The Monitor, Futures Research Quarterly and many other publications.  Mr. Peck received his Master’s degree at the Futures Studies Program in the Political Science Department of the University of Hawaii.

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