Life Lab

Explore the science behind choices that help you age well and learn better.

The Brain & Learning

Explore these pages to learn about brain anatomy, brain function, brain imaging, and neural activity associated with memory and learning. You can:

Explore the anatomy of the brain.

Discover how memories are made (and how we know about this).

Examine our Brain Image Viewer Interactive.

Watch a video about distracted driving focusing on why we can't do two things at once.


Food For Thought

Curious about how to eat healthier?  Explore these pages to learn about foods and supplements to choose at all stages of life.  You can:

Try to serve a healthy lunch to hungry high school students

Make a sample menu and see how it compares to the recommendations from Choose Your Plate

Test your knowledge about supplements



Explore these pages to:

Watch a short video about why we age.

Explore viewpoints on aging from Koshland Science Museum visitors.

Learn about the changes associated with different stages of life.

Find out how changes to vision, risk perceptions, and experience affect driving.