Is Your Community Ready for an Extreme Event?

Find out with this role-playing game for community groups and schools!

Extreme Event

Extreme Event is an In-Person Game Played in Groups

Players learn how important it is to build coalitions across all sectors of a community and invest in short-term and long-term resources to make their city more resilient.

It started out as a beautiful day, but in a disaster, anything can happen at any time...
Coastal City River City

What You'll Need to Play

12-48 Players

A group of a least 12 players ages 14 and up

One Hour

An hour of time with your group in one place

Free Game Materials

Download your own materials or use our ready-to-go game sets

What Players Are Saying

Intense interactions & decisions make this a great program to use in teaching
It takes all aspects of the community to respond/recover from a disaster
Great exercise! Gets the group really thinking and it was fun!

A Great In-Person Game Based on Good Science

Three Scenarios

Earthquake, flood, or hurricane (represent different types of disasters)

Custom Options

To fit your budget and technology

Extreme Event iPad


Well-tested content based on the National Research Council report Disaster Resilience: A National Imperative and reviewed by disaster experts

Learning Outcomes

Learning outcomes include building critical thinking skills and enhancing civic literacy