Kenneth E. Behring of the Global Health and Education Foundation and The National Academy of Sciences Raise Awareness of Global Drinking Water Crisis

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September 18, 2006 - WASHINGTON, DC -- The Marian Koshland Science Museum of the National Academy of Sciences today announced that it received a $636,900 grant from Kenneth E. Behring, founder of the Global Health and Education Foundation, to develop a web-based resource to inform decision makers around the world about the importance of safe drinking water -- and what they can do to meet this need.

"Safe water is essential for health, yet remains one of the most critical problems facing the world today," said Behring. "One out of every five people lacks access to clean drinking water. We must create innovative, sustainable approaches that can make a significant impact on the world's water crisis."

The grant will enable the Koshland Science Museum, in cooperation with the National Academies' Water Science and Technology Board and the Office of International Programs, to create a virtual, multimedia exhibit to examine the need for safe drinking water around the world. The exhibit, titled Safe Drinking Water is Essential, will be aimed at an international audience and will survey the range of solutions and technologies available to increase the quality and quantity of drinkable water worldwide. It is expected to be released in 2007 and will be available on the Internet, as well as on CD.

"The National Academy of Sciences is committed to ensuring respectful stewardship of the world's water supply," said NAS President Ralph J. Cicerone. "Through the generous support of Kenneth Behring and the Global Health and Education Foundation, we will be able to increase awareness of the importance of safe drinking water."

"We have the ability to eliminate water-related death and disability," Behring added. "The technology is available, and the scientific evidence is overwhelming. We have the leadership. The time to act is now."

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