February 20: Measuring What Counts for Disaster Resilience

Why do we need to measure community resilience to disasters? What data should be gathered to help communities measure their progress? Join disaster experts Susan Cutter and Warren C. Edwards for a lively exchange about what works and does not work when measuring resilience based on their experience with communities. Then dive into the topic with other program participants and suggest ways to ensure that measuring resilience is meaningful to local communities.

Extreme Event Challenge

Immerse yourself in a challenging group game in which you must prioritize and collaborate to survive a fictitious disaster. With fun group dynamics and a surprising twist, the game will raise real-world questions about what it takes to make our communities more resilient.

Wait, we can do that? Transportation, public space, and the future of bicycling in DC

Keck Center of the National Academies
500 5th Street, NW
Washington, DC 20001
Registration and Photo ID required.

DC is a city with ambitious transportation, health, and sustainability goals, which it intends to meet in part by encouraging more people to commute by public transit, bike, foot, and shared vehicles. How is the current use of public space helping or hindering these goals, particularly for bicyclists?


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