Interactive Exhibit: Lights at Night

Explore Earth images at night. Use online satellite images to zoom in on your hometown or view places far away. Compare satellite images from 2003 and 2012 to infer changes in population, energy consumption, energy efficiency and economic activity. What patterns of human activity can you find?


The National Academies produces resources for policy makers and the general public on issues related to energy. For more information, please explore the links below.
As debates about energy grow more intense, Americans need dependable, objective, and authoritative energy information. The National Academies, advisers to the nation on science, engineering, and medicine, provide the facts about energy—a complex issue that affects us as individuals and as a nation.
This work will provide authoritative estimates of the current contributions and future potential of existing and new energy supply and demand technologies, their associated effects, and projected costs so that policy options can be productively considered, debated, and decided by the nation.
Reports covering the areas of energy supply and demand technologies and systems, including resource extraction through mining and drilling, energy conversion, distribution and delivery, and efficiency of use; environmental consequences of energy related activities; environmental systems and controls in areas related to fuels production, energy conversion, transmission, and use; and related issues in national security and defense.
Work from the National Academies on a broad range of energy technologies and practices, including those associated with energy efficiency and conservation, renewable energy, clean vehicles and alternative transportation fuels, clean coal, nuclear power, and other technologies can potentially contribute to reducing greenhouse gas emissions, while promoting economic growth, enhancing energy security, and reducing pollution.
List of sustainable energy activities at the National Academies.


Lights image provided by NASA.