Lights at Night Webquest

Are You and Energy Efficient Consumer?

Concerns about global warming have made energy use a major issue around the world. Simply put, the more energy people use to drive their cars, heat their homes, or run their appliances, the more carbon dioxide (CO2) is emitted into the atmosphere. Scientists are researching how these CO2 emissions affect climate change. They are concerned that as the world continues to get warmer, problems like sea level rise or increased, prolonged droughts may occur.

As a result, people want to know what steps they can take to use less energy. The more energy each person uses, the more CO2 is released into the atmosphere. With billions of energy consumers around the world, you can imagine just how much CO2 is given off globally.

In this activity, students will gain a better understanding of how several countries use energy by observing how much light they give off at night. Students will see firsthand how personal, national, and global decisions can impact the future of climate change. Finally, students will observe the consequences of choices they make every day as they trace the carbon footprint of an average American family.

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