Extreme Event on the Road: Disaster Resilience Spreads Across Asia Pacific Region

East Asia Red Cross Youth Members play Extreme Event: Rock City at their annual Summer Camp Gathering in Mongolia

In this week’s Extreme Event on the Road feature we’re highlighting the ongoing work of the Korean Red Cross/Asia Pacific Disaster Resilience Centre (KRC/APDRC) along with another organization working in China, the Asia Society. Both organizations are spreading the message of community disaster resilience through the use of Extreme Event

As you might recall, the Koshland worked with the KRC/APDRC back in May when we traveled to Seoul, South Korea for the first ever Interactive Innovation Workshop. During the workshop, Koshland staff facilitated Extreme Event for over 30 players from more than 10 countries in the Asia Pacific Region. Since then, KRC/APDRC has not only translated the game materials into Korean* for further testing in their own country, but they also facilitated the game at this year’s Summer Camp Gathering for East Asia Red Cross Youth Members in Mongolia. During this event 80 youth members from Korea, Hong Kong, China, Macau, Japan, and Mongolia played Extreme Event: Rock City

East Asia Red Cross Youth Members from Korea, Hong Kong, China, Macau, Japan and Mongolia during Extreme Event: Rock City

In other exciting news from the Asia Pacific Region, the Asia Society created Extreme Event: Rock City materials translated to Mandarin* for use in Suzhou and Hangzhou, China. During two leadership-focused professional development trainings they used the game to teach resiliency, growth mindset, and the teacher's role as a leader in the classroom and in the school community.

Extreme Event resource cards translated into Mandarin* for use in Suzhou and Hangzhou, China

Participants at a professional development training in China play Extreme Event: Rock City

We continue to be amazed at the reach and growing popularity of Extreme Event. These two most recent stories illustrate just how adaptable the game is and that the messages of building community coalitions and resilience are indeed universal.

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* Extreme Event is copyrighted by the National Academy of Sciences. If your organization is interested in creating a translated or derivative version of Extreme Event, please contact us and we would be happy to talk with you about a license agreement.