Student Guide - Bonus Activity: From Awareness to Action

Take what you’ve learned about disaster resilience from the Extreme Event webquest and find ways to apply it in your community.

1.     Review the following personal/family emergency preparedness resources. Then, make an emergency plan for your family and build your own emergency kit.

Key Resources

Emergency Supply Checklist

Family Communication Plan

More Information (preparing for specific hazards, special considerations, etc.)

2.     Research online to:

a.     Identify the primary disaster threats in your hometown:

b.     Identify government agencies or community groups that are involved in emergency preparedness and response for your area:

c.     List concrete ways you could help to improve your community’s resilience:

3.     Explore Google Crisis Map to see what problems are being faced by communities around the world right now. Research one of these events further and find out what you can do to help.  

Additional Resources (optional)

CDC All Hazards Preparedness Guide: A comprehensive 45-page booklet with checklists and information on different types of hazards.

CDC Be Ready Infographics: Preparedness infographics to share online or print for your classroom.

Building Resilient Communities Online Training: An in-depth training designed for adults and organizations to bolster resilience.