Infectious Disease Webquest

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Image: Centers for Disease Control

Bird Flu Today Public Awareness Campaign

This webquest explores the science behind infectious diseases and how they spread. Using the devastating 1918 flu pandemic as a basis, this activity examines how flu epidemics originate, how they spread, and how they might be controlled

Scientists, policy makers, and the public are all concerned about the potential of an influenza epidemic within this decade. Of particular concern is bird flu, or avian influenza. Although it currently cannot be transmitted from person to person, the virus that causes bird flu could potentially evolve into a form that people could pass to each other. If that happens, it could trigger a serious flu pandemic, much like the pandemic of 1918, which killed an estimated 50 million people worldwide. This activity allows students to take on the role of a policy advocate, and make recommendations about how Americans should prepare for the potential arrival of an avian influenza epidemic.

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