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Water Supply by Vehicle

Water supply trucks are distribution systems by which governments and private entrepreneurs transport water to a central community location or directly to a household. The water is either pumped into hand-held containers or directly into household wells or storage tanks.

This type of system may be a permanent fixture in communities where no other delivery infrastructure exists. Water trucks may also be used in areas with intermittent service—those in which the existing infrastructure is damaged and provides only infrequent and/or contaminated water.

Trucks may supply water to communities that have been deprived of their normal water sources by war or natural disaster. They may also serve the displaced—refugees who have been forced by events to gather in new locales with little or no existing infrastructure.

In arid areas and those lacking other permanent water infrastructure, water trucks may be part of the municipal water supply plan. In such cases they are funded by local governments and may present no undue burden to their users.

In other areas, water supply by truck is an entrepreneurial enterprise. People living beyond the reach of water infrastructure, such as those in rapidly growing urban slums or remote countryside locales, may be forced to pay private contractors for truck delivery of their daily water needs.

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